2018, it’s gonna be my year

2018 has arrived, winter has kept be from writing blogs apparently. But not from moving forward! 2018, it’s gonna be my year. Why? Read this blog and you’ll find out.


Most obviously of course, and first of all: the wagon! It’s well on it’s way, all the walls are insulated and I’ve started putting wood on the inside now. Every next step I’m taking I have been saying this but once again: it actually starts to look like something! Maybe it’s a good thing I keep saying that, I just get so excited every time I enter a new phase. In my head I’m always already one phase forward, or more, so having a current phase finished and being able to start the next one, is a wonderful feeling. Of course not all goes well: have had some leaking due to the storms, but covered that now at least for the inside part. The front box still forms a problem with all the water, I keep it dry as possible, but I’ll need to replace the top wood over there. No problems which can’t be fixed, they’re made for it… Also, I realized when I had all the walls already done, that my insulation is not damp-open… Uh, oops. It was, in my head, at least. Good thing I’m probably not the best at installing it, there will be some room for the moist to get out. But, it does mean I’ll have to be careful and think of other ways to get moist out. Very important, as I’ve been reading lots of blogs and stories from people in Tiny Houses, and moist is one of the biggest issues. Which is also the reason I’m gonna paint the inside wall with linseed oil paint, which is very good for the wood, and protects it from fungi. And I definitely want all the windows to be able to open up, so I can just have them slightly open at all times, so moist can get out when it needs to. I also wanted ventilators in the walls, I just have no idea how to install them, so I kindah pushed that idea back, but I might need to re-think again and figure out how to install them after all. Don’t want to live in some soaked small place with water dripping from the ceiling or so.

The plan for the year is to have it livable in April, and finished before Summer Holidays. Which means….. Yap! I’m gonna have a trial period of guests who can stay at the wagon this summer! I’ll park the wagon for now in my parents garden, there is a beautiful secluded area they got, once the leaves start growing it will be total privacy there, so it is perfect for such a thing. There’s a little pool, there’s a garden, and it’s in the middle of a natural park: Aa en Hunze. Wonderful for holidays. In case you’d like to get a discount on this (or on going with the wagon later), you can already subscribe. It’s nice for me to know that there are actually people who want to come along, makes planning my future a bit relaxed. You can do that here.


Besides the wagon, 2018 is gonna be my year as I have made quite the announcement to my family not so long ago, so now nothing is stopping me from being fully me. As my plans are to get more active on the internet, I wanna be able to fully be myself here too, so I can better get this over with right now: I’m very queer. I’ve come out as gay 10 years ago, and in the past couple of months I’ve again come out, this time as genderqueer, or transgender, whichever you like most. This is not only my identity, how I see myself and how I’d love to be seen by others, but it’s also my physical body which will have to adapt in the upcoming year(s). I’ve tried living just the identity, and try to forget about the body, but body and soul are one, you can’t separate them… So, I decided I want to be at peace with my body too, which means for me that I’ll get into a physical transition from what I am now, to something which is more alike my imaginary mirror. I’ll be more masculine, and probably pass as male, even though I don’t identify with that. Right now I pass as female, most of the times. So, as our world only has those two options, it is either way not gonna fit by me. The only option I have is to be whatever I feel comfortable with, at least I’ll have myself to be happy with.

Hope you will come along this journey with me too, which will take place alongside the journey of building the wagon, felting bags and starting up my business. You don’t have to understand or agree in order to follow this page: everybody is entitled to their opinion. I’ll respect your opinion however, hope you respect my being too 🙂

Business in 2018

So, what is my business in 2018? Well, I hope to be making lots of beautiful, water resistant, felted bags, similar to the one on the picture here. Also, I’ve been giving wonderful workshops as well, and to  my happiness, the participants were super positive too! My actual only problem was not getting constructive criticism, as it was all just positive in the evaluations… So yeah, gonna keep on giving those workshops, sounds like a good plan.

I’ve also been giving other kinds of workshops, like how to do cold calling (for businesses), and I’m busy preparing a possible workshop on how to do a presentation. I realized I could use my competences and knowledge and share it already, instead of waiting till I have the wagon finished. So, if you need any workshop on any topic I know about, call me 😉

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6 thoughts on “2018, it’s gonna be my year”

  1. Wow, dat wordt nog eventjes flink doorzetten de komende tijd en dan hoop ik dat je tiny house helemaal naar wens is. En wát een toekomstplannen Eelste, en heel veel succes hiermee. Ik hoop dat je hierin helemaal jezelf kunt zijn, maar dat komt met jouw vastberadenheid wel goed.

  2. Het doet me goed dat je zo eerlijk over jezelf schrijft. Het is zoals het is. Net als ieder ander mag je helemaal jezelf zijn en worden. Ik wens je succes op die weg.

  3. Wat tof om te lezen dat je zulke onwijs creatieve dingen doet en mooie plannen hebt! En op persoonlijk gebied hoop ik dat je een mooie weg tegemoet gaat waarin je steeds meer jezelf kunt zijn. Dat verdienen we allemaal, dus ga ervoor!

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