Felted products


  • Tailored
  • Handmade
  • Your color/ design
  • One year warranty
  • Extra options possible

These handmade felted laptopsleeves are made as a whole, and are thus much stronger than those who are sewed together. From past experiences it has been shown they look still as new after a year of intense use. Possible to add extra pockets, handle, and/or shoulder strap.

Price: from €50,-

Tailored bags

  • Tailored
  • Handmade
  • One year warranty
  • Your own color/ design
  • Design and options on request

The tailored bags are all made by hand. Almost all designs and options are possible, the most challenging projects can’t be crazy enough for Eelste. On the picture a bag for Fix-Air, specially made for their handlugage-sizes. To be taken long as backpack-suitcase, but also to be converted as shoulder bag for a trip in the city.

Price in consultation

Cat caves

And other arty projects

  • Cat caves
  • Dog basked
  • Live-sized trees
  • Other art projects
  • Design and options in consultation

Felting is art, especially when you give it a arty touch, like a 3D felted cat cave (see picture). But also other objects are possible to make, like a live-sized tree, yoga mats, a big dog basked, rugges for on the floor or against the wall, a human ‘cave’, live-sized Christmas trees, can’t think of crazy enough projects. Eelste loves weird projects which require a lot of thinking on forehand, how it should be made, and up until now the projects always end well. Do you dare, have you got an idea, or wanna brainstorm? Get in touch with Eelste! Also possible to make together or as a workshop.

Price in consultation

Christmas trees

An original Christmas tree? What did you think about a felted tree, specially in your favorite color, or traditionally green… With LED-lamps, and a beautiful wooden standard. Sized super small to live-size big!

Price: from €1,-

Sheep coats

  • Sheered, not slaughtered
  • All colors and sizes possible

Beautiful felted sheep coats are also part of the product range of Eelste. In all colors you can think of, from super small ones to huge. Looking for something specific? Get in touch with Eelste to see if anything is in stock!

Price: from €25,-