Eelste makes


Since childhood has Eelste been drawing and painting, so there’s a possibility to get a painting on the wall. Specially children’s drawings, like Winny the Pooh. 

See below for examples of made paintings and get in touch for the possibilities!

Eelste is active with felt since 2016, and started to learn themselves. First just the felted fury, then the slippers, and slowly more diversity got present: xmas trees, bags, laptopsleeves, and much more.

The products are available on request with lots of possibilities, or for sale at the markets. It’s also possible to get a workshop, or a special piece on location. Click on the button for more info.


Born and raised in the country side, Eelste has learned to work outside from a young age. While in earlier times this might have not always been a pleasure, now Eelste loves working in the garden. Already 2 years a family in Gieten is very happy with the services, so Eelste decided to extent the service to others.

So: do you live in area Aa en Hunze, got a garden which needs fixing, a drive way which needs cleaning, gutters which are full, or something else which fits in this row? And don’t you wanna get the expert, but just need an extra pair of hands? Do get in touch.