Finish in sight

I’m busy building the wagon. In the video on the side here, you can see how it goes from betonplex bottom to the ‘subfloor’, though right now there’s already a proper house. The planning is to have the wagon live-able in summer 2018, and be able to start the pilot of guests in 2019.

About the wagon


The planning of the wagon has started end 2015. Read here more about the build of the wagon, what the building plans are and all the blogs I’ve written about the build.


During the past years I’ve made a lot of pictures and video’s to capture the process of building. These pictures and video’s, but also what the media wrote about the project, can be found here.

Traveling along

When the wagon is finished, you’ll be able to sleep in the wagon. Back to basic, the tranquility, the nature, just, nothing. Away from the stress. Get subscribed as early bird, and get a discount!


Anevay Shepherd Stove


These aspects of the project are still in development. Get in touch with Eelste for more information, questions or collaborations.

Story telling

Eelste tells your story. The world is full of stories, and the diversity when listening to all those stories, is beautiful. Will you let your story be told?


Self-knowledge, reflection, insight in your abilities and admitting when a border has been reached. In a stressful world full planning and musts, its super valuable.


Bringing people together, creating social cohesion, that's what Eelste would love to do and is educated to do. With the wagon as podium, Eelste invites everybody to bring their talents along.