Holidays in the wagon

Vroege Vogels voor de Wagen


Bed & Wagon

⚲ Eexterzandvoort, Drenthe, Netherlands

Want something else than the camping, the glamping the hotel, the car or plane? Then you’ve found the right place at the horse and wagon project. Because, come on: the project in itself is already an adventure, right?

No stress in the wagon. The road will bring us where it will, the day will give us what it has, and tomorrow there will be a brand-new day.

With the horse and wagon project you’ll get totally at peace, surrounded by nature. Because the wagon is so small, it invites you to be outside.

On the extendable driving box there’s space for e 2 person bed. Don’t expect hoteliers luxury, but it will be dry and comfortable.

Eelste can arrange all diners. You take your own ingredients, the ones you like and may have, and made from them you’ll get a delicious meal, straight from the wood stove.

Detailed description

Looking for an unique holiday? As for now in the Netherlands, but in the end the plan is to discover the world with this wagon. Prefer staying in one spot? Then you’re just in time, because in the beginning, the wagon will stay put in Eexterzandvoort to run a pilot with receiving guest. In the middle of the beautiful nature reserve de Drentse Aa, with remarkable birds and the meandering river the Hunze. The location where the wagon is standing is also wonderful, with a natural pond in front, and surrounded by nature.


The wagon is 6m2 from the inside, totally 8m2. A true little home! There’s a little kitchen, with a small wood stove which also heats the space. A space to sit with 4 seems in the back, and a closed toilet area with dry toilet. The driving box is extendable, so a 2 person bed can be made there, partially covered on top by the roof of the wagon, partially by a tent. Electricity is coming from the transparent solar panels, water is being filtered from rain water and other sources. Eelste is sleeping on the bed hidden underneath the seating area.


Inside the wagon there’s a dry toilet, a kitchen area and a wood stove. There’s also limited electricity, but this is only to be used when absolutely necessary. There’s an option for a shower underneath the cover outside, with heated water. Food will be prepared by Eelste, and if you’re going to travel with the horses, Eelste will also arrange everything around that. 


The surroundings of the area where the wagon will be stalled now, is in the middle of National stream and esdorp landscape Drentste Aa. In Eexterzandvoort, a village with about 50 houses, many bird species can be found, roe deer walk through the garden, and natural reservoir is mixed up with agriculture. Dolmens can be found, many kilometers of biking routes and beautiful walking routes.

Visiting Eelste

This special location, the Bed & Wagon, is besides all what has been described above, also a visit at the resident (and builder) of the wagon: Eelste. A person with their own story, but who loves above all traveling, dreams, adventures, nature, diversity of people and mutual respect. Being a guest of Eelste will mean you can tell your story if you want to, have tranquility when you feel like it, and work together to make the day as beautiful as possible.

Take your food

Eelste invites you to bring along your own ingredients. Why? For several reasons:

  • Cooling: There is no fridge in the wagon. This means it is difficult to keep everything well for a couple of days, so the fresher, the better.
  • Space: There’s just little space in the wagon. The shorter the period of more food in the wagon, the better.
  • Time: Without car, with just the horses, it is difficult to buy relatively large amounts of ingredients: make a detour to a supermarket will take easily a whole day if you’re going 5km per hour, and only travel for 4 hours per day.
It is of course possible, for extra payment, to get everything sorted. Do notice this when booking, so there’s time to plan ahead.
The Oude Aa
The Oudemolense Diep