The design

I’ve been preparing the construction of the wagon for 1,5 years. It’s a long process consisting of firstly just drawing without any research, just what I liked, to thinking very detailed about weight, storage, usage of space, etc. I’ve made many many different drawings, first on the computer, later I made them on paper. In the end I made a model from board, as can be found in the pictures.


The layout is as follows: underneath the floor there’ll be storage space: some drawers, a little cellar, and some open areas. This is the place I can stuff all my goods. The wagon itself will be so small, there won’t be much space for storage, and underneath the trailer isn’t really a place to make storage, so I came up with this solution. I wanted them to be 20cm high, but in the end after input from other people, they’ve become 25cm, so I can store a bit more higher stuff too. 
The walls of the wagon will be thoroughly insulated with foil, so I can keep them as thin as possible.


The layout inside will be as follows: in the back there’ll be a double bed on the ground, in which I can sleep broadside. Behind the bed there’s a back-wall filling closet, with in the middle a ‘floor’ which can be lowered over the bed in the day. In this way I don’t have to make up my bed every day to make a sitting area. Behind this ‘floor’ is a window, and on the sides there are 2 closets. Parts of the closets will be turned into a table and sitting space. On one side of this area there’s a second door, through which I can go outside if there’s guests on the driving box, and which I can use as side door.

In the front of the inside area there’s a cooking space on one side, with a wood stove on which I can cook, and a kitchen block on which I can prepare the food, and which will contain a washing area. Above the kitchen area there’ll be a wide window, so I have enough light on the kitchen, and a closet for the kitchen stuff. 

On the other side there’ll be the booth with a composting (dry) toilet en a small sink with mirror: the bathroom. In the back wall of the toilet there’s a high and small closet space. In the kitchen you’re standing on a hatch, through which you can acces the ‘cellar’. This is insulated and dark, so it should stay cool, as in a sort of fridge.


On the balcony there’ll be 2 sitting areas for when I’m driving. Inside these there’ll be rolled up mattresses for the guests. Underneath the balcony is a storage space with extra extension for the balcony, and extra bases for beds, in order to make extra space and possibility for 2 guests to stay. On the roof there’ll be a round tent, with can be pulled over the extension, so the guest can sleep dry. There’re also 2 filtering jerrycans hanging under the roof of the balcony, in order to use rainwater in the kitchen and bathroom.

The back

On the backside of the wagon there’s 2 large water storages, which can be used of the horses, as they drink quite a lot in a day. Underneath the window there’s another storage space, for like a bicycle, suitcases, etc. In the roof there’re 2 transparent solar panels, which provide some energy to the wagon, and also give lots of light in the relative small space.

Lot of what is written above is written in stage ‘plans’, so it might be different in the end.