The construction

Part 1

The construction of the wagon has started with buying an old ATAF trailer, build in 1977, 2 by 4 meters. The trailer was spotted by family and parked for sale on the side of the road. My first task was of course to get the wood out, so I could see properly what the status of the iron was.

Part 2

I’ve made a bed out of the planks from the trailer: I have always had my mattress on the floor in my parents house,  never had a proper bed. About time! I sanded the old planks and used them as frame. The rest of the planks are even more sanded, till they were white again, and used for the new kitchen in my parental home.

Part 3

As I didnt’ have an inside space to build the wagon, I decided to make a carport for the beginning. I’ve made a bit provisionally, as the carport wouldn’t be useful soon – the wagon is going to be much higher than the roof of the carport. Afterwards, this construction has cost me a lot of time and stress, as the plastic got blown away by the wind, got holes through which the rain went, etc…

Part 4

The old frame was painted quite recently, but I couldn’t see very well what was the status of the iron underneath. I’ve sanded it as good as possible (by hand), and have painted the whole wagon with red lead, to be sure. In this way I’ve minimized the chance on rust. One part was definitely rusted: the axles. Those are replaced by an acquaintance from the village, who also welled some extra iron to the bottom.

Part 5

For the basis I wanted heavy plates, which could endure rain and wind. Online I bought secondhand betonplex with a special story! They’ve been used as a podium, on which many famous artists have performed in the 60/70/80’s. It’s one half of the podium, I didn’t need more. Old glue rests taken off, painted damages with special paint and then painted the whole. Some puzzle it was, but got it! 

Part 6

Underneath the actual living area, I wanted to make closet space. This, because closets in the wagon itself would take lots of space of the small area (8m2). So my solution was to put all necessary items underneath. There will be some drawers and some open spaces, and in the middle will be a ‘cellar’, which can be accessed from inside.

The crowdfunding

1st crowdfunding

The first crowdfunding was in April 2017 via World of Crowdfunding. In this crowdfunding I offered my felted products, besides nights in the wagon. Nobody claimed anything. In the end I’ve collected about 1000 euro’s.

2nd crowdfunding

Horse drawn Tiny House XS:

In September 2017 I’ve organized a 2nd crowdfunding through IndieGoGo. For this I had collected products and services from people around me, who would love to donate them for the project. From pedicure to massage to living room concert…

How will a holiday look like in horse drawn Tiny House XS B&B?

For the 2nd crowdfunding I’ve made several little movies to answer some questions about the wagon. In this one the answer to: how will a holiday look like when you’d go along with the horse drawn Tiny House XS?

Horse drawn Tiny House XS B&B: electricity, water, aim and inspiration

The 2nd little movie I made for the 2nd crowdfunding is about questions surrounding electricity, water, my aim and my inspiration.