Horse-drawn Tiny House XS B&W

& have guts with felt

Introducing myself with a video...

Electricity, water, the aim and the inspiration

What I care about

To live sustainable, together with human and nature, to share my life and what I've got. To take care of myself, of the other and for the earth, and live in respect with all and everybody around me. To show that a dream is worth living for, and dream my life long through. To honor life, and enjoy each and every single day at its best.

What do I do

I'd like to offer to people who want a unique, modern and natural product, like slippers, bags and sheep furr, my ability to felt. I do this through workshops and making these products on request.


From upcoming spring this will happen out of my self-build, horse-drawn wagon, in which I take on a journey. In this way we take the space to get closer to ourselves, and to enjoy the tranquility, the nature and the world surrounding us. My very own Bed & Wagon!

About me

Eelste, born in 1990 on the country side of Drenthe, Netherlands, may be called a true adventurer. Lived in Netherlands, Latvia, Sweden and Italy, got a bachelor of Applied Social Science and a master of Philosophy. Hard working, stayer and somebody who keeps a dream in the head. The most important is: Eelste is themselves. 


2017/8 - New year!

Happy new year to all who're reading this, may all your dreams become true one day.

Dec 2017 - Bourtange

Such a nice 3 weekends of xmas markets we have had in Bourtange, thanks!

26/11/2017 Gees!

It was a great market past 2 days in Gees. Beautiful location, great people and also: lots of people! Thanks!


New year, new plans

Lot's of work is going on in the wagon, making beautiful and modern felt (laptop)bags, and planning new workshops!


You can reach me via facebook or by sending me an email.