About eelste

Eelste, born in 1990 on the country side of Drenthe, Netherlands, can be called a true adventurer. Lived in Netherlands, Latvia, Sweden and Italy, and got an Applied Social Sciences bachelor and a Philosophy masters. Knows what they want, works hard and somebody with a dream. Most importantly: Eelste is themselves.


My story

During my masters I've applied for a PhD: my plan A. Despite this, I wanted to have a plan B. And plan B, may be super crazy! Travelling, horse and wagon, it sounded like a fun plan. I didn't get in the PhD and had been dreaming a bit further about the wagon. Suddenly it seems like something I seriously could do, it became plan A. This was the end of 2015, when the first thoughts about the project started, and see where I am now: plan 'may-be-super-crazy' has gotten reality.


Mijn mision

During the traveling, which I often do hitch hiking, I experience a sort of inner peace, a peace with the world around me, a love for everything existing. This feeling is addictive, and I'm unable to get it when I'm in the daily life scedule where I'm running around like a chicken without head. No, I got to be able to enjoy the process of the landscape passing by, in respect and harmony with all and everybody around. For this you got to take care of yourselves and the world, and live with a super small footstep. For this you got to share what life offers: the peace, the love, the respect, the sustainability, the environmental friendliness, the adventure.