What you can do


Through crowdfunding a lot of people can lay in a little bit (e.g. money), in order to get lots of it all together. My project has started with a crowdfunding campaign in which I got nearly 1000 euros (on- and offline together), which helps me to start building the wagon. Do you want to participate in a successful progress of the project? Make a donation now!

A donation can be made to the IBAN number:

NL`17 ASNB 0950 1124 61



In the name of: 


With the announcement:

'donation Eelste'

+ possible message




Crowdsourcing means that a lot of people know more than one, since everybody has specific knowledge on another topic. Would you like to help sometime, or have you got possible useful knowledge you'd like to share? Do contact me now!


For companies

Also companies are most welcome to get in touch with me. The wagon is available as traveling test-space with regards to sustainability, self-reliance and environmental friendliness. A recycling system for water, growing plants without soil, using wind- and solar-energy, all input on these and other topics are welcome. With the wagon I'll attract people who are super interested in these topics, and I'll be able to tell them all about who is working along with me on the project.

Olaf "Ontzettend leuk idee!!! neem wel 2 paarden mee voor deze tocht. Wil je ook wel een keer onderweg tegenkomen en een stukje meerijden."


Ineke "Geweldig doel"


Selma "I admire your energy to push this project forward and that you are so brave to live your dream. I wish you all the luck with it and hope you will visit me with your vardo!"


Majdouline " I think it's really dope and I cannot wait to read and watch your adventures! ❤"


Judith "Ik wil mee!!!"


Emanuel "Creatief"


Larissa "I think the project is really nice!!! :)"


Ieva "1. A brave project. 2. It reminds us who we are. That we are always in search of meaning, knowledge and social interaction in the real world, outside FB etc :)"


Sarah "Well, i love the idea in general. Potential tiny house owner here myself ;) It's a lot of work and I think you can be very proud of your progress so far, even though there were some stones in the way. keep building! :)"


André "Gewoon doen wat menigeen had willen doen 😀"


Wim "Mooi plan en doel, past helemaal bij je! Start die crowd

funding asap 💪"


Suzanne "Idealisme in actie ❤"


Ronja "Super stoer!"