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Traveling the globe thanks to crowthfunding

Eelste Abels (1990) from Eexterzandvoort[, Netherlands] is planning to travel the globe with two horses and a Vardo. The Vardo (original name for living wagon) will be an innovative sustainable tiny house on wheels, in which she will also welcome people to travel along a week or weekend. An inspiring trip.


World of Crowdfunding

Eelste is financing the build of the Vardo with donations which she's gathering through World of Crowdfunding. The first funding is closed by now, but possibly Eelste will start another one for further financing, she liked it. 'I've chosen for this platform because it is one of the few who works on the idea 'an eye for an eye', and you can raise as long as you want. Most crowdfunding platforms work with loans or shares, so people invest in your idea and will get more money in return. This does't fit with my concept. My company Eelste won't be a profitable company. Of course I have to live from it, but with minimal resources and a lot of self-reliance. What I can do, and love to do, is to give something else in return. If you donate 100 euro's, you'll get a felted handmade product by me. It's something I have a lot of experience in; I make shoes, bags, but also laptop sleeves of felt, with the label Eelste. If you donate 1000 euro's, you can travel along a weekend or week. I can also give workshops on sustainable living.

Travelling testing ground

The main purpose of Eelste -who has lived before in Latvia, Sweden and Italy and has hitch hiked through Europe- is the traveling in itself, even though she expects a lot of adventure along the way. She has graduated in cultural and social education and gender studies, and will not hesitate to research the people and cultures along the way.


She will also be very innovative on the topic of sustainable and self-reliant living. Something which might be interesting for companies to participate in: 'Think about companies who got clever solutions for energy, water recycling, cooling, you name it. I've already spoken with several parties who want to test their innovations. The Vardo will be a travelling testing ground.'

Source: Noordbizz Magazine Editie Assen - 2017 - 2

The Drentse Zaak with Eelste Abels : ‘Traveling around with horse and wagon. How much fun is that?’

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'Traveling around with horse and wagon. How much fun is that?'


Traveling around in a self-made and horse-drawn wagon. That's what Eelste Abels wants to do the upcoming years. The Ladder naar Succes of the Drentse Zaak gave her the last push to pursue her dream.


ASSEN – ,,I'm a true ideas-person. When I made something up, I'll pursue it", Eelste Abels from Eexterzandvoort starts. ,,I needed a little support in the back. Where to start? How to get moving?" This support she got in the series of workshops Ladder naar Succes. ,,Since then it's moving super fast. I just needed somebody to tell me: 'Such a good idea!' Besides I've got a perfect spot to ask all my questions now." With her company 'Eelste' she wants to offer experiences. Centrally here is the self-build and horse-drawn living wagon. The wagon has to become self-sufficient with regards to water and electricity and will be build as sustainable as possible.

Traveling residence

With help of a crowdfunding she hopes to gather a start capital, to be able to fund the costs for building Eelste's Vardo. Via a platform on the internet (see: www.eelste.nl) everybody can invest in the project up and till 7 of May. As consideration donors may stay a night in the vardo, get a workshop or a hand-made product of felt. Abels makes out of felt among other things shoes, slippers, bags and laptop sleeves. When the vardo is finished, the idea is to live in it full-time. ,,In a space of two by four meters", she laughs. ,,I want to be a traveling residence for guests. This has to become my main source of income, through which I can live while traveling. Whenever I got a permanent job somewhere, it starst to itch every half year/ year because I've got to go traveling again. Besides you got the daily stress, and all the planning. Traveling gives me a peaceful feeling. And to travel with horse and wagon, how much fun is that?"

‘Oh, right’-moment

Looking back at the workshop series of 8 the main words which come to mind are educational and networking. ,,You learn all sorts of new people on whom you can fall back when needed." The workshopseries of the Ladder naar Succes are given by experts in the area of among other things taxes, insurances and the image of your company. Especially that last workshop helped Abels further in the area of entrepreneurship. ,,I had two things which I wanted to do in my company, namely the felting and the wagon. I didn't know how to meld them together. During the workshop of Irene Wildenbeest it suddenly became one story. That's where I had my true 'oh, right!'-moment. But the workshop 'From offer to invoice' was super interesting. All those business-like things, I didn't know much about. That workshop taught me the most."

About De Drentse Zaak

In De Drentse Zaak come established entrepreneurs and starters together. In the monumental premises on the Beilerstraat in Assen one can find knowledge and inspiration, (flexible) spaces and a perfect working- and meeting-atmosphere. In May a new series of the Ladder naar Succes will start.

Check for more information www.dedrentsezaak.nl.


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* Also the young entrepreneur Eelste (27) from Eexterzandvoort, who makes felted products and gives workshops in it, will take a special path. She caused a stir with the announcement she's building a wagon in which she -pulled by horses- want to travel the world, and in which people can travel along. Eelste stirs adventures fantasies in the people, because who doesn't dream about such thing? Follow her at facebook.com/eelste.



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