The building plans

Preparations for the wagon have last me 1,5 years. It was a long proces of firstly just drawing something which would be fun, to thinking very detailed about weight, storage space, folding possibilities, etcetera. I've drawn many different plans, first on the computer, later I've switched to drawing on paper. Finally I've also made a carton model, as can be seen above.


The layout is as follows: underneath the floor there will be storage spaces with some drawers, a little cellar and a few open spaces. This is the space where I can store all my stuff. The wagon itself will be so small, that there is very little storage space possible, and beneath the trailer I can't make any storage space, so I came up with this solution. I wanted to make the storage space 20 centimeters because I want the whole wagen to be as small as possible, but in the end I made them 25 after talking to several people, because else I couldn't store the little bit larger stuff. 


Inside the wagon it will be as follows: in the back there will be a two person bed on the ground, which I can lay in in the width of the wagon. Behind the bed there is a back wall-filling closet, from which I can pull down the middle part: this is the floor for the sitting area, which is on top of the bed. In this way I don't need to clean up my bed every day in order to make a sitting area. Behind the part which comes down, there's a window (all windows will be crystal clear Plexiglas, to safe weight), and to the sides there are 2 sideboards. Parts of the closet are used for the table and sitting space. To one side there's a 2nd door, through which I can go outside when there are guests in the front, or when I'm standing somewhere.


In the front of the inside space there is a cooking area on one side, with a wood-stove which is used to cook, and a kitchen area which can be used to cut and do dishes. Above the kitchen area there's a cupboard, and in between this and the cutting area a window, in order to have enough light while cooking. On the other side of the wagon there's a confined space with a composting toilet and a small sink with mirror, which forms a bathroom. On the backside of the toilet (outside the toilet space, next to the sitting area) there is a high and narrow closet. When you're in the kitchen you're standing on a hatch, which leads to the small cellar down beneath. This is isolated and dark, which makes it some sort of fridge.


On the front side of the wagen there will be 2 seats to drive the carriage. In the boxes there are the rolled up mattresses for the guests. Underneath is a storage space with an extension for the front side, and extra slatted bottoms, so there can be a two person bed on the front side for the guests. On the roof of the front side there's a tent which goes down over the extension, so the guests can sleep dry. There are also 2 water filtering jerrycans hanging up there, which make the collected rainwater ready to be used in the kitchen and bathroom.


On the backside of the wagon are 2 large storage bins for water, what is used for the horses, who drink quite an amount of water per day. Also there is underneath the window extra storage space for a folding bike, suitcases, etc. In the roof there are 2 large transparent solar panels, which make sure there is electricity in the wagon, and besides there is lot of light in the relatively small space inside. Further is an interesting detail that all walls will be isolated with insolation foil, which safes lots of space, is super light, and is isolating way more than regular or natural isolation.


All what is written above are with reservation, since it often turns out to become something else while building.