Eelste's felt

Shaved sheep are happy to have lost their wool, and I'm happy to be able to use the wool. With wool one can do so many things: because of the specific structure the wool it will hang onto each other, so much that you can create felt. This can be done in all imaginable shapes: the classical sheep furr (without lether), but also flowers, slippers, hads, laptop sleeves, bags and huge projects like a tree. Check out some of the things I've made thus far.


Sheep furr is super nicely warm in bed or in the chair. It protects against bedsores, and keeps cool at the same time as it keeps warm. And they're wonderful as decoration, as a rug or in the couch.

Felted products

Wool may be cleaned, combed and, if you want, painted. If this happened one can make beautiful products out of it, like slippers, tablet sleeves, hads, shoes, and many more. My style is sleek and modern.


You fancy a workshop? Make your own flowers? Slippers, shoes or a tree? Contact me to get more information!