Felted products

I make several sorts of products from felt, all are made out of one piece. This means that I felt the wool around a mold, so it doesn't have to be sewn together. The only thing that's sewn are possible elastics, bands, zippers, etcetera. Because of this, the product is much stronger than another similar product, because the seam is always a weak point.

Below you see several of the products I've made. I usually make them on request, but I also make them for my own use, or as example on the market. Of course the examples are for sale, besides them being inspiration for your own ideas. Interested? Do get in to contact with me.

Slippers and shoes

felt shoes; felt slipper; natural; unique; felt; eelste; blue; green; outside
Looking for unique and natural slippers or shoes? Felt adapts to your feed and way of walking. Possible to get with rubber soles for outside.


felt; bag; eelste; purple; felting; wool; water resistant; original; unique; handmade
You'd like a bag which nobody else has? One is water resistant and keeps the cool within cool, the warm within warm? Think about a felted bag which is natural, sustainable, and handmade in any size you want.


heart; eelste; felt; yellow; purple; red; blue; colors; creative; handwork
Felt, I can do anything with it. For example make hearts in any color you'd like!

Laptop/ tablet sleeve

laptop sleeve; tablet sleeve; felt; gray with blue; eelste
New tablet or laptop? Haven't got a sleeve yet? Felt is protecting your most valued good like no other, I can make it in your favorite color, and of course its handmade and super natural.

Christmas trees

Christmas; xmas; Christmas tree; lights; felt; eelste; tree; green; brown
Felted Christmas-trees make your x-mas cozy

Unique, big projects

tree; felt; eelste; massage saloon; waiting room; unique; amsterdam; infinity massage
Looking for a unique eye-catcher in your waiting room? This massage saloon got a tree richer within one weekend.