Colored world

Colored world, colored world
It’s so nice to live in a colored world
Colored world, colored world
It’s so nice to do things in a colored world

I was last on road for travel
Came down yellow car, ring, ring, bell
Saw a girl with red shoes walking
In her hand, a purple bag

Saw the sun coming up
Pink with blue, the world was light
Leaves are green, trees are brown
And don’t forget the shadow black

See the people walking by
All the jackets black or brown
Sun is coming, faces shining
Birds are singing their best song

Grass is green, snow is white
Roads are grey or brown of sand
Doesn’t matter what time it is
If people are happy, the world is nice

An apple can be red or yellow
Green is also possible
Dance around, smile to me
People are people

Wherever they live
What religion they have
Who they love
And what they speak

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