Dear university

Dear letter, yes, in a single form
We’ll not say goodbye, no, you’re everywhere
All around us, rattling like a storm
It’s like you don’t even care

Dear words, all one after another
Printed in books, flying over my screen
Why would I even continue to bother
To remember the millions I’ve ever seen

Dear article, you twenty-something pages
Piling up in corners, lying all over my floor
I got to be real courages
And get you all out of my door

Dear literature, thinking all highly of yourself
You gott get off that throne, seriously
Standing side by side on my bookshelf
From the inside pretending to be so mysteriously

Oh yes, dear university, that old thing
I can tell you right now, we’re over dear
I’ll admit we’ve had it too long to call it a fling
But I’ll not shed even one little tear

Okay, I’ll miss you just a little
for being finished with you
Our relationship was brittle
But I can finally withdrew

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