Just bring me home
I want to be
Back home with some love

You can take from me
All my victory
My things, my stuff
The four walls I live within

My drinks, my bed
My books and dearest plants
My food, my clothes
You don’t have to consult me

Destroy it, sell it
Use it, give it all away
Put it on the streets
I don’t care what they’d say

Bring all that you can
Back with victory
You won, have fun
On the streets, it’s me

Never can you ever
Take one thing from my heart
It’s me, my love, myself
I’ll always be around

I’ll travel, go around
Find a better place
I’ll meet, I’ll greet, I’ll think of you
Sing a song of they

It’s not much I’m asking for
Anywhere it can be
Searching a little place
With some love and sympathy

It’s a shelter, a dry place
Some food to comfort me
Companionship and a bed
That’s where I want to be

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