I said nothing

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A shine in your eyes
when you said to me
I really like you
but I said nothing

in the back of my mind
I knew what the reality was
no thinking that week
I knew I wouldn’t like it

it was so amazing
and you missed me
but at that moment
you’re fucking another

I’m one of the many
I knew from day one
nothing special about me
just one of the many

you’re one of four
in some ways one of two
in my life no many
so I said nothing

the reality check came in
quicker than I hoped
I know where I stand
I just wished it was
somewhere else

so I said nothing
yes nothing
within my freedom
I closed myself
and I said nothing

not that I want to change
you or me or them
the week was amazing
and further I say nothing

in silence I’ll just hope
that I’m not one of many
who you really like
but I’ll say nothing

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