Guestblog: person of ideas

Guestblog: person of ideas

[translated by Eelste]

So good to have started again with guestblogs. So nice to receive and read. Sharing and exchanging with old acquaintances. I love it. After my call on Twitter an ‘old’ acquaintance got forward: Eelste. What I remember of her, was that she regularly got inside to ask how I was doing, we worked at the time on the same floor. And she always shared her story, free and open. And she’ll do it again here. Enjoy reading!

Person of ideas

Ideas and dreams, thats where I thrive on. On everything I can make up some creative solution. I seem to have a vision on things which is just a bit different than what the most people would think of, and so I am one of those people who thinks of such a plan: to travel around with horse and wagon, as live(lipoid). And I’m not only creating the idea, but I also executing it, because in my world, nothing is impossible.

Which is directly also my pitfall, because oh, how many times I’ve encountered practical and organizational stuff.

Luckily I have that person of ideas within me, who can think of creative solutions for those issues, but of course it slows down the processes, which were so simpel in my head. Although I don’t like to admit it, the practical and organizational stuff are side issues which ‘unfortunately’ come with it.

Figure it out myself

And yeah, when I have it all in order, all works a bit smoother. Because damn it would be good if all would just ‘happen’. That the business account is made automatically when I made up my business, and that the agenda plans itself, and if the weather changes, that it changes alongside it automatically.

But no, figuring out if I can live officially in my self-build horse-drawn living wagon of 2 by 4, I’ll have to do it by myself.

And the crowdfunding? It doesn’t fill itself…

How beautiful life may be

At the same time my whole project is about being able to be yourself, dare to be and may be. To take the space and quiet to get away from stress and get closer to yourself. I’m somebody who bases on karma, who has a strong intuition and who trusts it, and who can find peace with what live has to offer.

The beauty of life is that if you trust it, stuff will get better.

When I’m making my felt products, I actually always have a moment on which I think: ohhhhh gosh, this is gonna be shit. At such moment I have to push a switch in my head, go forward without thinking, and suddenly I realize a while later that it dóes get to be something. How beautiful can life be, if you follow your dreams. 


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