EEXTERZANDVOORT – Big plans in the small Eexterzandvoort: Eelste, born in 1990, is building a living wagon to live in, to travel and receive guests who can travel along as a holiday.

What is the motivation for this extraordinary plan?
It started as a plan B, because plan A was to promote, after the master Gender Studies. Because it was fun to dream about plan B, the first sketches were a fact quite soon. Then the news came Eelste didn’t get the PhD, and plan B suddenly became plan A. now, 2,5 years later, the construction of the wagon is well on its way, and Eelste has started a second crowdfunding, on platform IndieGoGo, to pay for the building materials.

The aim?
Travel around with horse and wagon, and receive many adventurous guests with whom the space can be taken together to get closer to themselves, and to enjoy the peace and quite, the space and world around us. As Eelste explained in a previous interview for De Drentse Zaak in Gezinsblad: “If I have a regular job, I get the jitters after half a year, I have to get traveling. Besides you have got the every day stress and got to plan everything. Traveling gives me a quiet feeling. And traveling with horse and wagon, come on, how much fun is that?”

Eelste has no experience with building houses, but has been blessed with a healthy logical common sense, the internet and a skilled network of people around themselves. The tiny house XS is being build on top of an old ATAF trailer measuring two by four, and will be only 6m2 from the inside, because the driving box is not included in the living area. Everything has been thought about in the 1,5 years of preparations: a composting toilet, a wood-stove, transparent solar panels, an extendable driving box with tent to give the guests a private room.

Eelste had never heard about a tiny house before, and the idea was based on the traveling Roma with their living wagons. Actually the wagon is too small to be called ‘Tiny House’, those are usually more than 15m2, so Eelste decided to call it a Tiny House Extra Small: “The horses have to be able to pull the wagon, so the wagon had to be as small as possible. I also want to be able to go under tunnels of most smaller roads, and I don’t fancy blowing over with a storm.”

Eelste tries to get people to donate 5 or 10 euros via the platform IndieGoGo. If enough people make such a small donation, an old saying works: the more people the lighter the work.

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