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ASSEN/EEXTERZANDVOORT – Except for two tiny houses on wheels, these small houses aren’t yet to be found in our province. Who would use the strict definition, that a tiny house should be ground-bound, could even conclude we haven’t got any tiny houses at all in Drenthe. Tiny Houses are fully equipped houses with no more than 50 m2. Being build is a tiny house on a semi-trailer by family Van Dijk from Nieuwlande. This trailer will be self-sufficient. 

On wheels

Another tiny house of 8m2 which is being build at the moment is the one of the 27 year old Eelste Abels from Eexterzandvoort. Her living wagon will give space for guests and will be drawn by horses. Eelste’s tiny house should be finished in spring. Why is she able to do it? Abels says: “I just do it. I was already building when I found out that it is quite hard to follow all the rules. But I thought: I’ll see afterwards the (im)possibilities”.

Two projects in Emmen

Other than that is Emmen the furthest when it comes to initiatives for tiny houses. Th idea was that next year they’d start with an experimental area near swimming pool Aquarena. Plans could be handed in thill 1st of October and from those plans five plans will be chosen to be build, who can stay for ten years. At this location there will also be a meeting area. Besides, the Limburg company C3 Living has plans to build twelve tiny houses at the Hemrikkwartier in the quarter Delftlanden.

Twelve in Assen

Also in Assen there are conversations with developers, about building twelve tiny houses. The exact location isn’t known yet. The NSH-terrain in Hoogeveen seems to be an option for the build of tiny houses in that town. And last but not least, the PvdA in Tynaarlo wants that municipality to research the possibility of tiny houses.

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