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‘Traveling around with horse and wagon. How lovely is that?’

Traveling around in a self-build and by horses drawn living wagon. That’s what Eelste Abels is planning on doing the upcoming years. The Ladder naar Succes of The Drentse Zaak gave the last push to chase her dream.

ASSEN – “I’m a person of ideas. What I think of, I want to chase”, Eelste Abels from Eexterzandvoort starts. “I only need a push in the back. Where to start? How to get around to it?” That push she got during the workshop series de Ladder naar Succes. “Since then it goes super fast. I just needed somebody to tell me: ‘Thats a great idea!’ Besides I have a place to go to with my questions.” With her company ‘Eelste’ she wants to provide experiences. Central in this is the self-build and by horses drawn living wagon. The wagon has to become self sufficient when it comes to water and electricity and will be build as sustainable as possible.


With the help of a crowdfunding she hopes to get a start capital, to cover the costs of the build. Via a platform on the internet (see: www.eelste.nl) everybody can invest in the project till 7th of May. As compensation the donators may stay a night in the wagon when it’s finished, get a workshop or a handmade felt product. Because, Abels makes felted shoes, slippers, bags and laptop sleeves. When the Vardo is finished, the idea is to live in it. “In a space of two by four meters”, she laughed. “I want to be a traveling home for guests. That has to become my main source of income, through which I can keep living on the road. If I’ve got a regular job I get the jiggles after half a year or a year, to get traveling again. Besides you got the daily stress and you got to plan everything. Traveling gives me a peaceful feeling. And traveling with horse and wagon, how lovely is that?”


Looking back at the workshop of eight mainly the words educative and network come to mind. “You get to know all sorts of new people to whom you can fall back on.” The workshops of The Ladder naar Succes are given by experts on amongst others taxes, insurances and the appearance of your company. Especially that last one helped Abels with her business. “I had two things I wanted to do with my company, namely felt and the wagon. I didn’t know how to bring those two together. In the workshop by Irene Wildenbeest it all became suddenly one story. I really had my ‘ah, right!’-moment. But the workshop ‘From quotation to invoice’ was super interesting.  don’t know much about those kind of business things. In that workshop I learned the most.”


Established entrepreneurs and starters come together in The Drentse Zaak. In the monumental premises at the Beilerstraat in Assen people can come for knowledge and inspiration, for (flexible) rooms and perfect work- and meetings-atmosphere. A new series of the Ladder naar Succes will start in May.

Check for more information www.dedrentsezaak.nl

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