Eelste Abels (1990) from Eexterzandvoort is planning to travel the world with two horses and a Vardo. The Vardo (an original name for living wagon) will be an innovative sustainable house on wheels, in which she will also receive guests who travel along for a week or weekend. An inspiring trip.


Eelste is financing the costs of the build with donations which she receives via World of Crowdfunding. The first crowdfunding is already closed, but probably Eelste will start another one for further finances, it was satisfying. ‘I chose for this platform because it is one of the only one who works with compensations and the crowdfunding can go on for undecided time. The most crowdfunding platforms work with loans or shares, which means investments which have to be paid back. It doesn’t fit in my concept. My company Eelste will not become profitable. Of course I’ll have to be able to live from it, but this is with minimal means and lots of self-reliance. What I can do, and love to do, is giving back fitting compensations. If you donate 100 euros, you got a handmade product of felt by my hand. It is something I have lots of experience with; I make shoes, bags, but also laptop sleeves of felt, with the label Eelste. And if you donate 1000 euros, you can travel with the wagon for a weekend or week. If wanted I can give workshops on self sufficient living.’


The main aim of Eelste – who used to live in Latvia, Sweden and Italy and hitchhiked through Europe – is the traveling, even though she expect to counter lots of things along the way. She has finished studies in cultural and societal education and gender studies, and would love to research people and cultures along the way.

She also wants to be innovative when it comes to sustainability and self sufficient living. It is something which could be interesting for companies to participate with: ‘ThinkĀ about companies who create smart solutions when it comes to energy facilities, water recycling, cooling, name it. I already have some interested parties who would like to test innovations. The Vardo will be a moving experimental garden.’

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