Flowers coming out the ground
Trees getting their leaves
Birds flying in the sky
Sun is shining on you

After winter spring is coming
Snow away, the world is blooming
The air is full of strong emotions
Children running around

Its the time of fun and love
It’s the time of new relations
Bees are also waking up
Making the story of flowers and bees

A blue sky with some white clouds
A play of shadows with the light
The river ten times bigger
And we? We are just happy

Youngsters walking hand in hand
A hug, a kiss, the magic is there
Temperatures are getting higher
You can feel that, everywhere

A butterfly is flying
In the air, in your stomach
They make the world so colourful
They make the world so nice

Energy you feel all the time
In your body and around
Run, jump, spring, play a game
Because it’s time, because it’s spring

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