Some Daily Cattywampus – 1 – The Hedgehog

Some Daily Cattywampus – 1 – The Hedgehog

At the last moment the dog realized those spines wouldn’t feel too nicely in their mouth. The hedgehog stayed behind, terrified, in the corner of the terrace. This is the moment I got called in. ‘There’s a hedgehog on the terrace!’

Let’s first find out if it is injured, if the dog díd put their teeth into de dog somewhere. The hedgehog doesn’t move when I poke it with a stick, in order to see it from different angles. Wait, it doesn’t move? Shouldn’t a hedgehog curl itself up? Hmm, weird. Should get it in a box after all, with some cat food and water. The hedgehog starts to move, that cat food is real tasty. Once it’s in the box I turn it, so the hedgehog can’t get out. I can’t see a thing which would be wrong with the hedgehog, it seems quite all right, to me as layman, that is. The hedgehog is often seen on our terrace in the afternoon, so in it’s route, I put the box in it’s side to make sure the hedgehog can continue its course.

But it doesn’t. When out of the box it walks against a fence, tries to get under, and get’s stuck. Okay, with some pushing and stuff we get the gate up, and can push the hedgehog to the other side. It’s on the grass now. A grunting hedgehog, who hasn’t got any plans of moving. Is it hurt after all? I stay with it and make some extra pictures, because when do I get to see a hedgehog so closely, and study the hedgehog.

‘Hatsu! Hatsu! Hatsu!’ Uh, what? A hedgehog which sneezes? To a human who sneezes I say ‘bless ya’, but an animal which sneezes isn’t right. It is also still put there, on the grass, grunting much, and still doesn’t seem to plan on moving any time soon to some more covered area. This isn’t right. I check the internet for what’s normal for a hedgehog, on the website of a Hedgehog Shelter ‘t Egelhuus in SouthWest of Drenthe. ‘Help, found an hedgehog!’, it says. And it also states that when you see a hedgehog in daytime, it’s definitely not right. So, that’s it, there’s definitely something wrong with this hedgehog. We’re not in SouthWest of Drenthe so we decide to call the Animalambulance North and Middle Drenthe. Such a hero’s. Their reason for coming straight away is my statement that the hedgehog doesn’t roll itself up. Half an hour later they’re here, with a little hedgehog-basket. Sweet little hedgehog will first stay some nights with the volunteers of the Animalambulance, and then stay the winter in the Fugelhelling in Ureterp, to be set free all strong and stuff in spring.

Such an adventure, for such a little hedgehog!

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