Aches and itches [audio]

It aches and itches A sort of pain which is Felt in my bones Rising up the hormones Stinging into my heart Peeling my being apart So much love to share But it seems, nobody can bear To be with me There is nobody It’s probably me A desperate wannabee So I’m left all alone …

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Zo is het niet

Ik hou van de liefde maar houdt de liefde ook van mij? Waar is mijn geliefde Wie komt er dichterbij Ik ben maar een eenling altijd ben ik maar alleen De duivel der vervreemding is mijn bekend fenomeen Ik hou van de mensen Maar houden de mensen ook van mij De dingen die mensen wensen …

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All the same

They’re all the sameEverybody is the same I close my eyes and see you in front of meYou’re looking the other way, at something I can’t seeI thought you might be her, since I recognize your dressMaybe it’s just all one big unconscious process Some days ago I saw you walking down the streetIt was …

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You wannabenobodyabsenteethe return key You wish you foundyou look aroundbattle groundhome bound You look up, look downFeel like you’re gonna drownStand up, walk aroundHolding your open wound You sleep but still awakeStomach acheemergency brakeovertake They’re knocking on your doorCan’t take it no moreYou’re lying on the floornever more Just leave me aloneCornerstoneDon’t hold my handI’m …

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