On a bright sunny daywe met there in JuneDans la port du MarseilleWe made fun, we made lovewe have gotten to knowLà, dans la calanqueSome serious businessin a background of cricketsDans la port du MarseilleWe had talks and discussionsand general meetingsLà, dans la calanqueWe had arguments, fightsand endless debatesDans la port du MarseilleClimbed the hillswent […]

On the one momentIt is a thoughtOn the second momentIt is an aimLife is so ridiculousFirst you want thisBut after some secondsYou changed your mindThe world is moving all the timeYes, we are tooSo come and move with usNice, and adventureI look at you allHow do you do?You run, jump, walk and fallAnd then you […]

Flowers coming out the groundTrees getting their leavesBirds flying in the skySun is shining on youAfter winter spring is comingSnow away, the world is bloomingThe air is full of strong emotionsChildren running aroundIts the time of fun and loveIt’s the time of new relationsBees are also waking upMaking the story of flowers and beesA blue […]

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