The candles are singingThe flags will wave highThe people are bringingThe hi and the byeAnd the baby was a red headThe workers would have saidA whole long life still unreadAs for now still dying deadStill so tiny and so youngInnocent it will be hungInto the trees, where it’s amongAll the others, great but unsungMay the […]

Dear letter, yes, in a single formWe’ll not say goodbye, no, you’re everywhereAll around us, rattling like a stormIt’s like you don’t even careDear words, all one after anotherPrinted in books, flying over my screenWhy would I even continue to botherTo remember the millions I’ve ever seenDear article, you twenty-something pagesPiling up in corners, lying […]

Fly through the worldFly over the mountainsFly over the seas, loveThe water far beneathFly over the grasslandThe plains of green fieldsRest in a tree top, loveWaving in the windHigh in the sky, loveCasting a shadow on the groundsAlone, or in formationAt front, or down the lineFly and spread your wings, loveFly through the airThe mountains […]

HomeJust bring me homeI want to beBack home with some loveYou can take from meAll my victoryMy things, my stuffThe four walls I live withinMy drinks, my bedMy books and dearest plantsMy food, my clothesYou don’t have to consult meDestroy it, sell itUse it, give it all awayPut it on the streetsI don’t care what […]

You wannabenobodyabsenteethe return keyYou wish you foundyou look aroundbattle groundhome boundYou look up, look downFeel like you’re gonna drownStand up, walk aroundHolding your open woundYou sleep but still awakeStomach acheemergency brakeovertakeThey’re knocking on your doorCan’t take it no moreYou’re lying on the floornever moreJust leave me aloneCornerstoneDon’t hold my handI’m forever bannedDays passing bybattle cryjustifymumify

I don’t want to live no longer in this townThis town with cars and bicycles and I don’t know howWhatever brings the people here aroundWith or without a noise, without a soundI want to run, I want to flyI want to see the blue blue skyI want to dance, I want to singWithout those bricks, […]

On a bright sunny daywe met there in JuneDans la port du MarseilleWe made fun, we made lovewe have gotten to knowLà, dans la calanqueSome serious businessin a background of cricketsDans la port du MarseilleWe had talks and discussionsand general meetingsLà, dans la calanqueWe had arguments, fightsand endless debatesDans la port du MarseilleClimbed the hillswent […]

Life is the biggest secret in the worldYou’re doing what you do, but you don’t know what you doI like to go, I like to travelI like to stay at home at nightI like to see, I like to meetI wanna be on my own, all right?I feel so well, I feel all rightI feel […]

On the one momentIt is a thoughtOn the second momentIt is an aimLife is so ridiculousFirst you want thisBut after some secondsYou changed your mindThe world is moving all the timeYes, we are tooSo come and move with usNice, and adventureI look at you allHow do you do?You run, jump, walk and fallAnd then you […]

Flowers coming out the groundTrees getting their leavesBirds flying in the skySun is shining on youAfter winter spring is comingSnow away, the world is bloomingThe air is full of strong emotionsChildren running aroundIts the time of fun and loveIt’s the time of new relationsBees are also waking upMaking the story of flowers and beesA blue […]

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