A shine in your eyeswhen you said to meI really like youbut I said nothingin the back of my mindI knew what the reality wasno thinking that weekI knew I wouldn’t like itit was so amazingand you missed mebut at that momentyou’re fucking anotherI’m one of the manyI knew from day onenothing special about mejust […]

What did I doWhy did I sayWhat do you thinkOh, please let me knowI’m bleeding insideTears from my heartPiercing  a waythrough my stomachFrustration in my bodyThe tears make me shoutMy heart is meltingDissolving into waterDripping it’s wayinto my veinsThe adrenaline is pumpingI want to scream and shoutWhy did I feelWhat did I sayHow to get […]

Ik die niet missen kanmist nu joudie niet zou moeten missenmist nu tochIk die dacht niet te voelenvoelt nu allesnu jij niet meer hier bentvoel ik de afstand met jouAls druk op de borstwervelwind rond mijn hartstorm in mijn hoofdik voel nu zoveelZo kort doch zo intenstijdens is anders dan ernajij die mij beschermdik die […]

I met a girl, she looked at meTik skaistaI met a girl, she smiled at meTik skaistaShe winked, I blushed, She laughedShe talked, we talked, my friendI met a girl, she looked at meMana milaWhen she winked, she made me blushWhen she walked, she made me rushShe laughed, we laughed, she looked awayShe talked, we […]

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