Dagblad van het Noorden – 24/10/2017 – Eelste Abels (27) from Eexterzandvoort has a dream: traveling the world with her self build Tiny House XS, a sort living wagon pulled by a horse. Upcoming spring she’ll start. Who wants, can travel along. On the drive way next the the house of her parents in Eexterzandvoort Eelste Abels (27) looks at a large wood skeleton on wheels. “Befóre the winter it should have a roof, and walls”, she says, while stepping on the the old trailer via a stairs. “The skeleton has to be waterproof as soon as possible, so I can work inside the wagon.” With a drill in her hand she points at the corners of the construction. “Here will be the composttoilet, there the stove and in the back a bed.”
Its her dream, on which she’s been working for week already. Literally. With a drill, screws and nails. The skeleton on wheels has to become a Tiny House XS, or a Bed & Wagon. The name, she hasn’t quite decided yet.
At least horses will draw the mini-house, so Eelste can travel around Europe with it. And the idea is that guests travel along. “Receiving guests, living and traveling on 8 square meter.”, Eelste summarizes. Her eye lit up, just like her yellow jacket. With the dark cowboy hat, she radiates adventure.
“For a long time it was plan B, about which I’d dream, while writing my thesis.”, she tells. “Plan A was to promote, but when that didn’t went through, plan B became véry serious.”