Autumn is giving life [video]

Autumn is giving life [video]

It’s true, autumn is giving life. Sounds super alternative, but at the moment I’m busy with all that my parents garden has to give us. Many many kilo’s of apples, which we are turning into ‘appelstroop’, a solid applesirup to put onto the bread. Since I had been collecting so many apples, and I remembered cleaning this summer the barns with all the rotten apples from last year, I thought about what to do with the apples of this year. My mom told me to put them in that same barn, and I saw the verdict of the apples already: next year I would have to clean them again, rotten. This verdict wasn’t to my liking, so I thought: what about making this applesirup? We’ve never done it before, but it is so tasty! Even my little nephew who doesn’t like the ones from the shop, loves this one.

What else does the garden give? Well, I’ve just also been collecting chestnuts. Usually we can’t do much with them, since they aren’t eatable, but we recently found out (through facebook…) that one can make soap from chestnuts. Eager to try it out of course! 
For the Vardo this weather isn’t as great. It’s hidden under its plastic, enduring the rain, waiting for attention. I’m still waiting for somebody to fix the iron, but another reason I can’t work on it right now is that the renovation of my parents house is partly taking place around the wagon, so I can’t really reach it without bothering the workers.

Instead I’ve been making a bed for myself, for inside the house, out of 2 planks which used to be on the wagon. It has taken a little time, but it is finished now, and tonight I’ll have my first night to sleep in it. Good news: the mattress fits perfectly, so my building skills have so far been just fine. 

Another good news on the Vardo? It’s officially mine!! I’ve paid of the former owner and gotten official owner of this wagon, and have my ‘license’ in the pocket. The person behind the desk was wondering a little why somebody without a driving license would want to buy a wagon, but hey, she had no problem with putting it on my passport instead. 
Further I’ve enjoyed myself and others with making the first little movie of me taking off the planks from the Vardo. It has taken some time, since the software I got to make video’s doesn’t really wanna work. I found another software so I made it with that one, though I could only make one with it, and I’m waiting for the support-peeps to help me fix this bug in the software. Anyhow, the video is really fun, a little bit like a slapstick! Didn’t really expect that to happen, but I’ve been laughing my ass off, and from the reactions of people I understood they’ve been doing the exact same thing. Hope you’ll enjoy watching it too:

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