Axles & markets [video]

Axles & markets [video]

The 3th welder I’ve been in contact with would come some weeks ago, to have a look at the frame of the Vardo. The visit costs money, and I want to know for sure I get what I’m expecting for this money. In the end they tell me they’ll have a look to see how much work it is, as has been agreed, and that they’ll fix the wagon… end of January/ beginning February. Wait, that’s like in 2 months! I’m done waiting for welders, so I’ve cancelled the appointment, went to the local mechanics and made an appointment. The next week they came to get the Vardo, and the next day they checked it from top to bottom. Bad news: my dad took the phone and told me the frame was unreparable since the frame and tires were crooked. I seriously thought my dream went down the drain.

The next day I went to the mechanics and asked what was going on. The guy was seriously pessimistic, but after he told me what was the major problem, I looked at the frame and said: well, I’m a nobody in knowledge, but, it seems as if the axles are only on the frame with 4 bolts, so, can’t I just replace them? Since, the major problem is the rust on the axles, and 3 crooked tires. The towbar is also crooked, but since it is only for emergencies in use where I’ll usually have horses in front, that’s not a problem which stops me from building the Vardo. After some convincing, the mechanic told me that was definitely possible, and so I went home with new hope. Since then I’ve been in contact with several experts on axles (esp. Masta was very helpful!) and figured out more or less what I need (sorry don’t know the Dutch measurement-words in English, I even have no clue what they mean in Dutch): 

– 2 square (rubber) axles with 5 holes
– Padmaat 1400
– Flensmaat probably 1850
– Steekmaat 11 cm, but Mr. of Masta thought new tires are needed, because this Cheng Shin Tire 6.00-9 95 m are no longer obtainable including rims and not guaranteed to fit a new axle.

New ones would be perfect, and though they’re rather expensive, it is payable (about 330 euros per axle), which is why I’m not giving up on the project. Of course, if there are 2nd hand axles of these measurements which I can let be tested and are fine, that would be even more perfect. If you know some: let me know!!!

Further I’ve sold the planks which used to be on the ATAF frame to my parents, I’ve totally sanded them down and now they’re becoming furniture in the new kitchen. Such a wonderful way of recycling! And super good for the project, since I can definitely use the money of the planks for the project. When the kitchen is finished I’ll share some pics of what has become with the planks. They sure look good!

Else I’ve been with my mom and our partner Greetje to 2 different x-mas markets: one in Annen and one in Balloo. Actually we would only go to the first one, but since our x-mas trees were such a success, we decided to make more and also go to the market in Balloo. In Annen we had to be in Dickens style, so look at us being super handsome!

The x-mas trees we’ve made are now almost all sold out, we got 1 left and some small ones which were actually the try-outs of the beginning. So we’re super happy that people liked the idea of my mom (who came up with it) so much, and are now happy with their little x-mas tree. I also got my first ‘errand’, to make a sleeve for an Ipad. I’ve made with the same technique a pillow before, but to be sure I’m going to make a sleeve for my phone first, which is slightly smaller, bit faster to make. If it all works out as I expect, in which mainly the way it closes is a point of attention, I’ll have our friend a new Ipad sleeve for x-mas!

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