Beautiful weather, so… been busy!

Beautiful weather, so… been busy!

The wagon

It’s moving forward with the wagon! The crowdfunding has given me about €1000,- on- and offline together, which is a great start to get building. First I had to fix the iron frame and finish that. Then I got 2nd hand betonplex in order to make the basis. It has been rather an adventure already with the betonplex, to get it home, to fix the wholes, get it in the right form, and then, get it into the frame. But, I managed!! It might not be tip top straight, but I’ll manage the small open spaces in between with some kit, and the rest I’m sure will be pushed down onto the frame by the weight of the building which is going to be on top.

So, it was only some days ago that I got the wood with which I’ll make the storage space in between the frame and the floor. I was super nervous to actually click ‘order’, but I got it now and already the same day I started working on the storage space. Its a challenge to do everything with the minimum of tools which we’ve got, but so far I’ve managed. After all: once upon a time not long ago they were managing with just a hand-saw, right? 

The wool

Besides the wagon I’ve been super busy with felting and markets. We’ve had 2 markets (in Exloo and in Anderen), which was great to be there. Also nice to notice people have actually already heard about me! I got more than once ‘ooooh, thats you!’.

Currently I’m busy with the big purple travel bag which is in the picture above, I’ve made somebody happy with a super orange computer sleeve, and I’m working on green slippers and blue shoes. Tonight I’m going to collect some sheep furs, so soon I’ll be able to make some more of that. Or, I can give a workshop! Because I also got my first request for a workshop where we’ll be making small furs (30 by 30), as a pillow. Ideal for group building, since it is lots of fun and doesn’t take too much time. I’m currently working on creating more workshops. If you’d like to participate, let me now!

The publicity

Last but not least I’ve made lots of progress when it comes to my publicity and existence as company. I’ve made cool flyers which the people at the market took with them as if they were free ice-cream (well, it was very hot), new marketing cards, the website is translated into English, I’m having coaching at the Drentse Zaak and I work there in a flex working space one day a week. 

Also, I’ve been making cards by hand for a while, and at the markets people were super enthusiastic about them.  So, I’m selling them now at Camping Zwanemeer, and soon they’ll be for sale here at the website!

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