Being an inexperienced builder

Being an inexperienced builder

I am an inexperienced builder. Before starting to build this wagon, I had only build some small things under the experienced guidance of my school teacher. So I did have some basic knowledge, a logical sense of direction so to say, but nothing major. Building this wagon is all learning along the way, learning from my mistakes, the internet, asking around, just guessing sometimes even. Hoping for the best. 

It has its pitfalls. 2 nights ago I barely slept. I should have been so excited, because my Anevay Shepherd Stove had arrived in the day time. But with that Stove, the flues arrived, and so did the chimney. And that part, turned out to be not so very small. Did I ever think about it? No, it never even crossed my mind. Of course I knew already something had to go on top of the roof in order to let the smoke out, but I never thought about the height of it, that it might be rather large… And it is rather large: it is 23 centimeters, if I have measured it right (cz I don’t always measure things right)… 

At night, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I still didn’t check what is the hight of the tunnel nearby, can I even get out of this place when I’m finished? Why haven’t I checked yet? What if I will have trouble with each and every tunnel? I can’t be higher than 4 meters, that’s the maximum hight. Why on earth didn’t I think the hight through, like, properly? I did, some time, but at that moment I didn’t take into account the thickness of the materials, as I had no clue what thickness materials would be. Because, in the end, I’m just an inexperienced builder.

So I decided to work with corrugated sheets on the roof, and eventually I realized some days ago, I could just as well get back to my initial plan to put EPDM on the roof. The sheets as well as the EPDM, both aren’t vapor open, and EPDM has less noise when rain, less expenses, less difficulties, and is a bit better for the environment when produced, and super durable. Which was all reasons why I chose that in the very beginning. Seems I am back at the start, I have to stick to my original plan.

But that night, my head just went on and on. How, it would be too high. I had made expenses for the ‘under-roofing’, which has been very useful to safely make it through winter, but it would be such a pity to have to take that off. It would safe me a centimeter or 2. And maybe I should make the roof not as high? Like, take everything off, and make it all lower? But I had such good help making all this, and it would be so much work to tear it all apart, cut it smaller and put it back on. I was rather desperate…

In the end I got up, ate something, watched some funny youtube video’s, checked the hight of the tunnel nearby (it’s 4,20m!), got a shower, and went back to bed successfully this time. Nothing I can do in the night, right? Not possible to go outside and measure the wagon in the dark, or work on lowering the roof in the night. I’ve now measured the roof, and the highest point is right now 1.75, the point where the chimney will be, is 1.55. I’ll fit under the 4.20 tunnel nearby, not under a 3.80 tunnel. I’m not gonna change anything, I’ll just do what I had planned, leave the under-roof on, 2 centimeters is not going to change me fitting under a 4.20 tunnel or not. I’ll stay under the 4 meters, that’s my aim, that’s what I’m gonna do. Like I had thought through, in the beginning.

Not a concrete clue how, but I’ll do it. Somehow.

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