Building miniature wagons in Amsterdam

Building miniature wagons in Amsterdam

The past 2 weeks I’ve been visiting Amsterdam, since there was the big festival of Europride, and my friend was on holiday so I had a house to stay and plants to water. But, attending conferences and parties at the Europride isn’t the only thing I’ve done the past 2 weeks, I’ve also been building miniature wagons. The building plans started to confuse me, and I had to see in 3D how it would become, especially on how the roof would be to name one thing. So, first I made a miniature based on the plans I had so far with a sitting area and a bed above it, painted the karton, and put it together:

When I had this made, I realized how high the wagon actually would be. Tunnels will become a problem, and there is a lot of extra material, which weighs a lot, and its really small. So I started thinking again, about other options for especially the sitting/sleeping area, how to make it less high. I had to think about the wall-beds, who are hidden in the wall, and thought: why not make a wall-sitting area. Since, when I make a wall-bed, there cannot be any window in the day. So I started working on this idea, which would mean there can only be one bed in the wagon itself, and finally made another miniature. Note that in this new model, the front area, where I’ll be sitting when riding the wagon, is extendable and able to convert into a two-person bed, which will be covered with a tent. This idea is relatively new and has to be thought through for its feasibility.

Since the wagon is a about 70 cm less high than the other option, I’ve made a 20 cm extra area at the bottom under the floor, where material and food for the horses can be stored, hence all the little white labels. Also, there is a backdoor, which is smaller than a usual door and in day-to-day use a normal window, but optional a door, for when there is somebody sleeping up front and the people sleeping inside want to leave the wagon. The sitting area which you see is completely foldable: one bench goes onto the sidewall, the table goes upwards onto the back wall, and the other bench goes down onto the floor. The whole floor then goes up, and stays up, and the bed underneath can be slept on. In the miniature I haven’t made all the closet-space yet, but the bench which goes up to the side wall is made like this in order to make a closet on the back-wall, which goes all the way around the side wall above the windows. 
I think option to has much more potential, but of course it is still under discussion and review, with everybody whom I talk about it giving their thoughts and input. The roof of the second option has already been finished too, and doesn’t have the upstanding wings in the back: I managed to get them down and have a proper closing roof. Calculations of this roof however are rather difficult!
Well, and as I said, the past 2 weeks I was in Amsterdam for the Europride, and I wasn’t the only one! So many people for this festivities, it was wonderful.

Tomorrow it’s time to go back to my parents place, and as low-budget but maybe mainly adventurous and fan of slow-travel person I am, I’ll go hitch hiking:

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