Building plans and felting wool

Building plans and felting wool

There is still no new wagon, just to answer the first question and the main question on my mind… But, I have been driving around in the car with my mom in order to try and find one, got some tips and leads, and there are other people to contact who might know one. One who is better than what I got already, obviously. In the meantime I’ve been drawing building plans, inspired by a link I got shared on the Vardo-facebook, with a blog of a person, Alowieke, also building such a wagon. It’s real inspiring, since in between the poems, stories and drawings, there are some very detailed descriptions of techniques and building plans. Since Alowieke has been living in such a wagon for a longer period already and obviously has more building-expertise than me, I’m taking everything in with great interest. It’s already created some heated debates on techniques and how the wagon should be build! The blog also shows how she has been drawing lots of building-plans and calculating everything, before starting to build. Of course, she got the chassis hand-made specially for her, which I got no money for, but I’ve decided to also start drawing. I don’t know yet the exact sizes of the final chassis which I’ll be using, but I do know it should be minimum 2.20 by 4 for the inside of the wagon, with or without some adaptation to the chassis (because they are usually only 2 meters in width), and how the walls will be build (besides the chassis or on the chassis) I haven’t figured out yet, so that would mean it might need to be a bit bigger. Of course it is possible to enlarge the plans and have a bit more space, although this only counts for the length, not for the width since you won’t be able to go on all roads anymore when it is too broad, I’ve already made several plans and 4 meters is the minimum of length I need inside for what I want to do with the wagon. It’s a puzzle and it keeps me awake at night, but I’m loving the preparation!! Not finding a chassis/ framework/ wagon is sometimes making me quite desperate, but maybe it’s meant to be that I first need to make detailed plans, create a miniature from carton, before just starting building like that. Which wasn’t my plan anyway, but very tempting when having a good frame on the drive-way.

Of course I haven’t only been drawing, I have, like every time, been felting too. It was again a wonderful experiment, since it was a huge piece of wool again, and although it worked out fine last time on the grass, it doesn’t mean it would work out this time. I have done it a little different, I’ve not watered the wool in itself before putting fleece on top and watering it with hot water and green soap, but only watered it with hot water and green soap while a thin layer of fleece was already on top. I hoped it would be less wet, but on the contrary happened: it was soaking wet, and after pushing the water through, the rolling was a real problem. In the end we got it rolled up (my mom helped out with rolling since it was impossible to do alone) and let it drain for a while on a table. I’ve been rolling it for 4 times in different ways, then have been felting it with the hands by rolling up a part and felting another part (because even after rolling it was still way to big for the table), and after the hands I’ve even been stamping on it with bare feet. It took me in total 5 hours before being so fet up that I decided it had to be finished, and I put it in the washing machine, and directly after in the dryer which we got specially for the felted sheepskins (sounds wrong, because no sheep has been killed for this, it is only shaved). 

Although I was scared it wouldn’t turn out good, since the rolling was such a problem, it is seriously beautiful!!! And huuuuge…… It is about 1,90 in length, and quite broad as well. This isn’t the original length, and it is like this due to the rolling, it got very thin too, while the original wool wasn’t. And although I still have to do some felting with a needle in order to make sure everything will stay in place for a long period of time, I’m so super tempted to keep this one for myself! It isn’t very often they turn out to be 1,90……

So yeah, I keep myself busy. Together with my mom but also alone I’ve also been visiting some markets, to get inspiration or to find useful tips, and since I’m speaking with lots of people and many people are very interested in the project, I decided to make visitor cards.  It’s the first time I made my own, I’ve had several from the company’s I’ve been (voluntarily) working in, but never just for me. Life is full of small enjoyments!

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