Creating a website

The first message on this website, probably not going to be read by anybody for some time, since the website is not online yet. But I’ll already start making a track record about what I’m doing and what’s going on, since the preparations are already fully in development. I’m still in the finishing of the thesis period, but in my free time I like to plan ahead, try to realize dreams and create new dreams, regarding the Vardo. Since I decided to have an extensively online track-record of everything I’m going to do, I need a good website, so I’ve started building on since a week now. Google is so kind to give this option for free, although when I’ll start uploading pics it might become a bit too much than the free 100Mb, but that’s something to worry about later. For now I’m trying to make a professional looking website which will be able to accommodate all the activities which will be going on in and around the Vardo, first of all keeping records on building it. 
I‘ve been creating some building plans already before, trying out the different options on how big the Vardo should become and where to put beds etcetera. Also ways of gaining money is important in maintaining myself, the horse and the dog which I’ll be having with me, so that’s something I’ve been busy thinking about too. I’ll update you on all of that here in the time to come! Keep updated, I’ll try to extend my online activities soon also to instagram, twitter, facebook and other online communication ways, so everybody can stay updated and engaged. And of course, once the Vardo is finished, you’re welcome to visit!

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