Crowdfunding [video]

Crowdfunding [video]

It’s finally time: I got rid of the welfare, which means I can start the crowdfunding! I’m already busy with the wagon, but in order to buy all materials I’m gonna need, I can use your help very mucho. The reactions are so super enthusiastic, that I hope that everybody will help a hand, or a coin, in this case. In that way many hands make light work.

You haven’t got money to give? You can give my sharing this with your network, getting people to donate, convincing people how cool this project is. Because its not just me who profits from this, no, everybody who helps is invited to come check the wagon when its finished, and besides with the higher amounts cool things can be obtained. Be quick, because there are only a few of each compensation.

Its super easy to donate money. You click here, fill in how much you wanna donate, and with Ideal you paid within a minute. The higher the amount, the less it will cost for the payment, so keep that in mind. The more people who donate, the more attention for the project, so sharing = super super nice!

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