First day of work on the wagon

First day of work on the wagon

Two days ago I’ve finally arrived to my parents home, where the wagon is residing. After a long and hard work on the thesis, I’ve handed it in before the deadline and it seems I’ve finished my masters. My parents were over in Sweden with a camper, and we’ve traveled around Sweden for 2 more weeks, after which thus arriving at my parental home, where I could finally start working on the wagon today!

For weeks my parents have been discussing how to get the wooden planks from the wagon, and the thought was there that I’d have to take apart the whole iron basement. However, with a saw, jimmy and hammer I have gotten all planks out of the skeleton, most of them rather intact, so good for use later on. Having done this within a matter of 2 hours, I was in the believe it was already evening, but I had still a whole afternoon to go. So, I got changed into old clothes, put a mouth-piece on and got an iron brush to clean the wagon for the first time, and see what we actually got here. 

The wagon seems to be put together from separate parts, welded together by a farmer in need of a hey-wagon. Some of the iron is completely rusted through, but most of it seems usable. I’ll be cleaning the iron for quite some time to go, since it is very dirty, and a lot of spaces are difficult to reach with the iron brush. But what a progress in just a few hours of work! Unfortunately I had to remove some birds-nests, who nestled under the planks, but they didn’t seem to be occupied for quite some time now. Our cat, Diesel, is however a bit confused. He’s super happy we are home and thus all the time around me when I’m working outside, wanting to cuddle, but I’ve taken away his comfortable planks to lie on…. The iron isn’t broad enough to lie down in the sun! Aww, poor kitty. Hopefully for Diesel, but also for me, I’ll be done with the basement as soon as possible, so that he can have a place in the sun again. What I need to figure out is how to put springs under the wagon, how to make brakes, I’ve got to change some of the iron or maybe repair it here and there, but first of all I’ve got to clean, scour and varnish everything. If anybody has any knowledge on any of these processes, you’re more than welcome to come and share!!

Also, today will be the day that I’ll be online with all the updates and everybody can follow me. It will probably progress over time on how I’ll be doing this, how I’m writing the pieces and maybe even the name of the website (since, actually my wagon isn’t technically a Vardo, for example), but the webpage will be the same and you’ll reach me here if you’re interested in following this crazy project. 

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