New site, busy plans [video]

New site, busy plans [video]

Google keeps suprising me – all of a sudden, when I just wanted to add the pictures of the felted creatures I’ve made to the website, there is a whole new option of making websites! And in my opinion, it looks way better than the old version. There are a few less options and gadgets which were available on the old version, but looks do lots, so I’ve decided to copy my whole website here. Even though I wouldn’t recognize it as the same website, it really is!

How is everything going? Well, I’ve been really busy building a carport (not carpool, keep confusing these two), so my frame is now safely dry under it. It’s not completely finished yet, but it’s getting there. The wind is a little problem though, but I hope to figure out a way to even keep the wind out, at least stop it from taking the plastic.

Further I’ve been super busy trying to figure out how to start building. I still need some welding to be done to the frame, and the breaks need to be fixed. Probably I’ll go to the local car-dealer to get that done as soon as I have our garage also finished and ready to store all the wood which is now ón the frame. Then I’m planning to start with the boxes at the bottom, and the extendable front part. Even though that’s the first I want to do, I’m more in my head thinking about framing, isolation, windows, moist-issues, being water-proof, wiring and plumbing… It’s easy to say but once that is done, the rest seems to be a piece of cake. Though I think it is going to take rather much time before I figure out how to do all of this.

Of course I’m still onto the markets, this time there are going to be x-mas markets soon, so I’ve been felting little decorations for in the x-mas tree, or in front of the window… They’re really cute and I already had enthusiast reactions on my facebook, so it seems I’m going to make lots of people happy with those. Hopefully it will be a bit cold, so people will wanna buy some nice warm felted sheep-furr as well. Had our dog to pose, how cute is that!

So, from now on I will update ‘Eelste’s Shop’ with the things I got for sale, made by my hand. Go check it out, the money all goes directly to the Vardo!

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