Out with the old, in with the new!

Out with the old, in with the new!

The day after a guy came to pick up (literally!) the old frame, making it fly through the air, my uncle came just as unexpected to bring the new frame. What a timing, as if it had to be this way. So ya’all are reading the blog of a really happy person, with a new frame which is so much better than the old one… A frame which brings hope into my plans! 

And in case you’re wondering what’s happening with the old one: most probably it’s going to Turkey to be melted into some new iron materials. Apparently they got the best melting-ovens in Turkey. The price of iron is really low at the moment, with Turkey attacking Syria, the dictatorship which is worsened, it lowers the iron prices since people loose their interest. It means I didn’t get much for the old frame, but every bit is a little bit!
014Happy me with the new frame. I was actually doing voluntary work when my uncle came, and I didn’t check the internet on my phone all day, so when I was about to go home, I got this me
ssage that he brought it in the morning. Arriving back home, I found the frame, painted with happy texts by my mom. Best beginning of a new start ever. Even the cat is super happy.
With this new wagon I’ve started with taking off the wood on top, in order to be able to clean the iron underneath properly. It has to be cleaned, sanded, oiled and freshly painted in order to be ready for all the heavy loads on top. There are four wholes in the side-bar, which I want to use for ankring the walls. Not something I planned, but an extra coming with this frame. 
The breaks of the wagon have to be checked and repaired, and the hand-break at the front has to be moved. The status of the whole frame is relatively good, so it won’t be as much work: the sooner I can start building!
In the meanwhile I’m still collecting money. I got a little job at the Dutch postal-company which will give me a very small basic income, but it’s a start and a regular flow of money. Most of it will go straight to the Vardo, but obviously I gotta pay for some insurance and food-costs too. To gain more money I’ve also started to felt wool more often. Today I was at the art-market in Haren, near Groningen, where me, my mom and 2 friends have been busy with wool all day. We’ve got the whole furs (shaved, not killed) felted, for on the floor, in bed, in the chair, on the wall, wherever you can think of. Further I’ve made some small pieces, which are good for in a chair, for the cat or dog, to make bags or pillows from, o
r just as decoration. My mom has felted pillows with colored wool, and her friend has all sorts of woven goods. We’re a good mix of wool-products, and it was fun to stay at the market and explain to everybody how we work, what we do, and of course: where the money goes to! Lot’s of people were interested in the Vardo and I got a lot of positive comments, which is really nice. Mom has sold a lot of her products, even I have sold of hers. Unfortunately I’ve not sold many of my products, but enough to have paid all materials and even have a little left for the Vardo. The 23th we’ll have a redo of this market-meet-and-greet in Gieterveen, you should come and check it out! I might even give a felting-workshop, where you’ll be able to make your own little pillow.
Out with the old, in with the new: new frame, new hope. Let’s start!

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