The time to work out is coming up!

The time to work out is coming up!

Well yeah, it really is! The time to work out is coming up soon: the flowers started blooming, birds are singing and in between the raindrops the sun starts to shine warmly. In other words: spring is coming. What does this mean for the project? Well, that I’ll be able to start working on building the wagon really soon. I found somebody who will be able to fix the frame, but since we don’t have a heated and dry indoor space, we need spring to come sooner rather than later, with dry wind-still weather. We’ve got some of these days already, but for now the most I can do is preparing even more.

And there are lots of things to prepare. I’ve become an official entrepreneur with a registration at the Chamber of Commerce. So, from now on I can officially sell my felt products and workshops! Super happy with this new development, so I’ve created new business-cards, which have been received really good, and given a huge workshop in Amsterdam. At the dickens-market in December in Annen, we got the idea to make a tree out of felt in her massage-saloon. I had never done such a thing before, but hey, sounds like an awesome idea, so why not! It was a little bit of stress especially from my side since I had no idea if such a huge piece of felt would work out within one day, which ended up to become a whole weekend. It was a hard job, but together with some friends me and my friend Vanessa from Infiniti massage saloon have made her dream come true: a real tree in her house. 2.40 in height, 60 cm in diameter, it has become a beautiful old walnut tree.

As I’ve already mentioned, I’ve become entrepreneur. This requires a lot of preparation and I’ll have to deal with lots of official business and stuff. Lucky me there is something in my province called de Drentse Zaak, where starting entrepreneurs can get help in getting their business started well. This month I’ll be getting workshops there every week, and last Friday I went to the first one on networking and pitching. It was much fun, and apparently my plans have made much impact: I got mentioned in the article written on the evening! Check out the article in Noordbizz right here, or read what they wrote about me:

* Ook de jonge ondernemer Eelste (27) uit Eexterzandvoort, die vilten producten maakt en workshops hierin geeft, slaat een bijzonder pad in. Ze baarde in haar pitch opzien met de aankondiging dat ze een wagen aan het bouwen is waarmee ze -voortgetrokken door paarden- de wereld rond wil trekken en waarin mensen overal een klein stukje mee kunnen reizen. Eelste maakte bij iedereen avontuurlijke fantasieën los, want wie droomt daar nu niet van? Volg haar maar op

* Also the young entrepreneur Eelste (27) from Eexterzandvoor who makes felt products and gives workshops with it, will go on a special journey. She has gotten attention with her pitch when she told about the plans of building a wagon in which she – pulled by horses – wil travel the world and in which people can travel along for some days. Eelste has triggered adventurous fantasies, because who doesn’t dream about that? Follow her at

Besides working on becoming a functioning organization, I’ve been looking for a job on the side to get my basic earnings. And I’m super happy to tell I’ve also managed this! I’ve started working at an organization who functions as an external sales department for small and medium-sized business in the Netherlands. For the beginning it’s being paid with governmental funding, so I have got no contract, but I proof my added value and get a contract soon of course.

As you’ve also probably noticed I’ve been changing things on the website. I had hopes for starting a crowthfunding, but the governmental moneys I live on right now don’t allow me to start any crowtfunding, even though its for my company. So that’s another reason I’ve been working my ass of to get rid of those governmental funding, because I barely can wait to get started on building the wagon!! Further I’m also rather active on facebook, also mentioned in the article, so do check that out if you got an account.

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