Is the iron of proper quality?

Is the iron of proper quality?

After the discussion of the breaks and the springs, today the discussion got to something even more basic: is the iron of the wagon of a proper quality? While I was cleaning the wagon a bit more from the bottom and scrubbing of dust and the peeling paint, my dad thought he could get rid of some of the nails in the wagon’s sides. However, after not more than 5 beatings of the hammer, he had to stop since he had almost created a whole in the side, and the nail was still there. The fact that it is so easy to beat through the iron framework is quite worrying, and we have decided we really need a smith to have a look at the framework, since it wouldn’t be nice to break through the framework while putting on the breaks and springs. I really hope this framework keeps standing and is possible to repair, else it is unfortunately food for the ironmonger and I got to look for another framework of better quality. 

The dog has been with me while working today, so I had to play a bit with the dog, Does, too. The work is quite tiring, especially in the burning sun, so it was nice to have a play with the dog in between. The cat, Diesel, was there too, however on a respectable distance, since the dog thinks it’s much fun to scare the cat away (who doesn’t run away, but find it anyhow it’s quite annoying). 

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