Keep it, or get another one?

Keep it, or get another one?

Today the main question of discussion is whether to keep this wagon, or to get another one. I’ve been cleaning the wagon thoroughly today, and all its ups and downs are more visible. For example, it doesn’t have breaks, so these has to be installed. Also, it doesn’t have springs, so these have to be installed. The iron isn’t the best at all places neither. But it is a wagon with the right size, with a steady frame, well build, and: this is what I’ve got right now. So, what to do? It’s not that I have lots of money to buy something else, with already springs and breaks, like a chassis of a truck or so. It’s not that I can restore the wagon in its old ‘glory’ with new planks and sell it for lots of money, since the iron will be in the same bad shape, and also: the wood will be impossible to put back in place without breaking the wagon and having to weld it back together. 

My opinion is that I’d like to keep the wagon as my basis. The old hay-wagon as basis is a concept I like, but I also checked how to install springs, and it doesn’t seem super expensive or impossible. All I need is a little help from somebody who knows how to do it, and to find some second hand springs who work fine and fit on the wagon. I’ve also been looking on the internet for breaks and for now I’ve concluded that break discs are the most useful for this job, and they are also not so super expensive. So, in my unprofessional and positive opinion, I think it’s possible to update this old hay-wagon to a more modern wagon with breaks and springs.

One more thing is that I have to figure out of the steering-system is well-functioning. At the moment there is still lots of dirt in the system, even though I’ve tried to clean it out with water and brush, but it seems to be working. It is very hard to change the direction, but of course I need to oil the construction, and it shouldn’t be too easy neither. However, how the system exactly works is still a bit of a mystery, since there are extra parts which don’t really seem to have a reason to be there, yet are existing, so probably have a reason to be there. One of my missions is also to find out how it is exactly working, if it is working properly and if not, how to make it work properly again!

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