Walls, roof, waterproof?

Walls, roof, waterproof?

So much has happened! It’s incredible. The walls are standing up, the framework is  almost fully completed, the wagon actually has a shape now! Did you see the pictures already? If not, here they are:

I’m so so happy. As you can see, I’ve had a little help, because I really didn’t know what to do at a certain point. Creating a roof seemed so difficult, I was busy trying to get all the numbers straight on the paper, matching, I have to install solar panels, it has to be a certain angle, and it just seemed way to difficult for me  to handle. I even called in the pro’s, but when I heard how much they cost per hour, I cancelled them as well, no way I can afford that. But luckily a friend with lots of experience with wood came to help out, and in the end what we did so far wasn’t even so difficult. Just take it step by step, and my mind will be able to run along. 

The next step is however again rather big and seemingly way to difficult: making it water proof. I’ve purchased a leftover of waterproof foil, which I’m going to use for the walls. I’ve purchased waterproof plates for on the roof, which turned out not to be able to handle this angle, so I also have to purchase another kind of waterproof foil for that, because the one I already purchased is the wrong brand in order to have warranty. But, everything, I will seriously do everything, to get this wagon waterproof. I’ll stand on my hands if I need to (I seriously can’t). I’ve had such a fight already with the water,  it has to stop.

What the big  questions now are? Well, the solar panels still have to be installed. I was planning to use EPDM on the roof, but that’s for flat roofs, which mine isn’t, and it isn’t condense-open, which everything below is. So that creates a problem. So, started the search for other options, like corrugated sheets. But then, I was instructed for installing the solar panels with EPDM, not with corrugated sheets! How on earth am I gonna get that waterproof too? And, I need to install gutters, which needs special foil and connections and stuff. Damn, I have no idea how  that has to happen. And I even didn’t think already about the pipe, for the wood stove. Just because it doesn’t fit in my head right now, and I saw an installment movie where they installed the pipe after the roof was finished. I figured that would be good for me too, because then I can worry about it later, and not now on top of all the other things to worry about.

But hey, one step at the time, and I’ll get there!

What else has been going on? Well, I’ve had another crowdfunding, which wasn’t super successful in money, but very successful in marketing, networking and sponsoring. 2 newspapers have written about me in the past weeks to put some attention to the crowdfunding, and lots of friends, acquaintances and other organisations in my network have been giving me sponsoring through offering their services or products. I’m now selling those in the ‘Shop‘, so do go check it out if something nice is between them, and sponsor the project at the same time! What’s there to find? Well, pedicure treatments, tarot sessions, mindfulness, yoga, lots of music, tours, photography, organizational help, honey, and much more.

And further the felting business has been going well. I’ve given my first official workshop in Assen, at Padoes! So, so much fun. It was full, and all participants went home with wonderful creations, a diploma and a happy feeling. Next workshop will be on 4th of November for kids (10+), and after that we’ll be felting x-mas trees in December! There are a few places yet open for the x-mas trees so be quick. And further I also do workshops for businesses, soon there’s a workshop for Reconcep, and also the next business is lined up. I’ve gotten some requests for bags to make, which are well along the way of making. Yes, I’m making progress, I’m getting real busy, and find it hard to do everything which has to be done all at once, but I’m enjoying this so much!!

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