Week 2 of the crowdfunding! [video]

Week 2 of the crowdfunding! [video]

Crowdfunding is a week on the go! It’s super awesome to do, every day I’m spending at least an hour or 2 making up new posts, new pictures, new mailings, sending messages personally to people… The money does start to come in, 6 people have participated thus far and I know several people who still want to participate. Of course I haven’t reached my full amount yet, but even if I get a quarter of it, I’d be happy. It’s a learning process, and with all money which I get I can continue the build, and with that I’ll create more buzz. 

I’m learning many new things. For example I’m calling it now ‘the horse and wagon plan’, which sounds way better than ‘Eelste’s Vardo’. It’s still going to be called that way, but the plan-idea works better for people who don’t know about it yet. 

Also I’m doing more and more in Dutch, as you see, the whole website is in Dutch now. The blogs are still in English, because I love to write in English, and I’ve got a rather large network outside the Netherlands. 

I’m learning many new things on felting too, I’ve started to elaborate more on the shoes, and soon I hope to make a pair which can actually be worn outside. Thus far the’re super comfortable, but for inside, but I’ve gotten to a point that I think I can make them good enough to be worn outside as well.

There’re many new things in my life, and I’m enjoying it to the max!

Of course I hope you’re going to read and if you haven’t yet think: yessss let’s participate in the crowdfunding! Maybe you haven’t gotten the money, but that’s okay, participating in the crowdfunding can be done also by telling the story forward, making sure you’re friends know about it and participate. Would be so great!! Click below on the picture to go to the crowdfunding webpage.

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